Tiny Based Frogs is 🔵Base's first NFT collection and first 100% fully onchain dynamic NFT collection, featuring unfathomly based onchain interactive + deflationary mechanics.


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Below are some onchain mechanics that are available within the NFT. All interactions occur onchain thru the smart contract and will affect the visuals and metadata of the NFT.

1. Reveal

Image and metadata reveal will occur after public mint begins. A new frog is born!

2. Morph

The owner can choose to "morph" their frog into a brand new frog. Doing so will re-roll the frog and completely randomize its visuals and metadata.

However, there is a 33% chance of death whenever the frog is morphed. If your frog dies, the visuals will permanently render as a deadass frog and your NFT will become forever soulbound to your wallet.

💀 Please use this tool to morph. Frog deaths are permanent and irreversible! 💀

2. Become "Based"

The owner can also choose to make their frog completely "based", which provides your frog with a new solid platform to stand on.

Please use this tool to become based.

⚠️ This action permantly "soulbinds" the NFT to your wallet and is irreversible, so please apply discretion when becoming unfathomly based.

examples of tiny based frogs rendered onchain via contract


What makes Tiny Based Frogs unique?

Tiny Based Frogs are Base's first NFT collection and first 100% onchain NFT art collection, launching on Base's public mainnet release in August 9th. Also, cute and comfy lil frogs with onchain mechanics are based or nah?

Why Base?

We are bullish on Coinbase's ability to leverage their bigly userbase onto their new L2. Also, Brian Armstrong is pretty based.

Bullish on baldness.

Why be fully onchain?

We are onchain purists and simply don't want to rely on no off-chain storage solutions for this project's long-term survival, like IPFS or Arweave.

We believe in the decentralized and fully onchain future of crypto-art. We die with the chain like real men.

How are these fully onchain?

We've engineered custom code that converts pixel art layers directly into Solidity bytecode, thus allowing the art to persist fully onchain by embedding all the image layers directly into the contract.

Our custom render engine "based froggy ribbitizer v4.20" interprets the solidity bytecode and renders the final art as SVG rects. The SVG art is loseless, fully scalable and, best of all, fully onchain!

How many variations are there?

There are roughly 1.9 million potential visual variations of onchain frogs, including visual traits and colors. Colors are inspired by classic NES color palettes.

How does my NFT metadata get updated?

We've integrated the ERC-4906 standard of emitting Events whenever an onchain activity results in any change of your NFT's visuals. These events alert storefronts like Opensea to refresh the NFT's metadata and re-render your newly updated image directly from the contract.

If the storefront doesn't support these event standards, simply refresh the metadata on the storepage whenever you enact any onchain actions.

How does soulbound work?

If your frog dies or becomes "based", the NFT itself will become fully "soulbound" into your wallet, meaning that the NFT is no-longer transferrable.

Being non-transferrable prevents you from transferring that NFT to another wallet. It is forever within your humble embrace.

Mechanically how this works is by reverting function calls for any transfers of soulbound NFTs. We also emit lock events to inform storefronts like Opensea that this NFT is non-sellable.

⚠️ Note that any soulbound action is irreversible! ⚠️

Why soulbound?

Providing users the option to change the transfer-ability of your NFT carries weight and makes onchain choices meaningful.

Any roadmap?

No roadmap!

Simply put, this project is meant to be a fun historical onchain art interative experiment. Do not expect any utility or anything more than what is laid out on this page.

How do we stay connected?

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Wen mint?

Update: Sold out!

Public mint began on Base's public mainnet launch day in August 9 2023 at 11am PST.

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